Senate of the Austrian Economy

Tonninger Schermaier & Partner was appointed as a member of the Austrian Senate of Economy in 2011. Members of the Senate of Economy are leaders from business, academia, media and culture, as well as representatives from politics, diplomacy and the public sector. It has set for itself, among other objectives, to promote the eco-social market economy, and ethics in business. As a member of the Senate, we are committed to these principles and also have outstanding network connections in Austrian economy and politics.

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Bridge Alliance

Bridge Alliance is a global consortium of internationally active law firms with offices in Al Khobar, Atlanta, Barcelona, Charlotte, Dubai, Istanbul, Cologne, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Riyadh, Vancouver, Vienna and Warsaw. All network partners focus on the areas of Corporate / M & A, IT / IP, real estate law and litigation, and go out of their way to serve their clients by the same principles as we do. Thus, it is possible for us to serve the needs of our clients in different countries with a consistent level of quality and professionalism.

Global Justice Network

The Global Justice Network is a global association of litigators who meet regularly at events called Global Justice Forums. In 2009, TSP organised an international conference in Vienna with participants from three different continents. Dr. Tonninger has been a regular speaker and moderator at events organised by the Global Justice Forum since 2005 (for example the Columbia Law School event in 2011). His personal contacts worldwide are a benefit to Tonninger Schermaier & Partner clients.



The ability to think across disciplines is the foundation of customized solutions.Dr. Stefan Schermaier, Partner