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Tonninger Schermaier & Partner is a young, dynamic law firm with an international orientation in Vienna. Our main focus is direct and personal contact with our clients.


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Tonninger Schermaier & Partner provides sound legal advice in all areas of commercial law. We take into account the financial situation of our clients and provide tailor-made Solutions.


Dec 1st, 2023

Commentary on copyright law, 3rd edition published by Manz.

Dr. Bernhard Tonninger and Dr. Markus Albrecht are part of a 54-strong team of authors who, in this 2000-page new edition of the commentary on copyright law, deal with, among other things, many new issues that have arisen as a result of the extensive amendment to copyright law in 2021 and that technological progress brings with it.


Dec 1st, 2023

Dr. Bernhard Tonninger

Interview in sortimenterbrief 12/2023 with Dr. Tonninger

In the 12/2023 issue of the magazine “sortimenterbrief”, Dr. Bernhard Tonninger is interviewed and talks about the law firm’s new focus on prosecuting and remedying price fixing violations by (foreign) retailers on the Amazon Marketplace, which is proving to be a major challenge.

Dr. Tonninger has been appointed as a book price trustee by the Association of the Book and Media Industry since 2005.

You can read the interview here.

Sometimes you have to try the impossible, to achieve the possible.Dr. Stefan Schermaier, Partner